Canada – Saskatchewan Job Grant

  • The job grant program assists employers train workers to meet their specific needs
  • The program puts skills training decisions in the hands of Saskatchewan employers
  • Employers select the candidates for training, and decide what training is required
  • Employers have a job available for the candidate at the end of the training
  • The training must upskill current employees or prepare new employees at the entry level
  • Employers contribute financially to the training – 1/3 of costs if the company has more than 50 employees; 1/6 of costs with less than 50 employees
  • Training must be provided by an eligible third-party institution, in our case the RCA

RCA’s Initiative under this Program

This program is without doubt the best the government has offered ever! The RCA would like to support and assist members in accessing the program to meet member companies’ individual training requirements.


  1. The training must be a minimum of twenty-five hours; maximum fifty-two weeks
  2. Each trainee is entitled to $10000.00 worth of training over the course of a year
  3. This training is selected by the employer, as long as it upskills an existing employee or trains an
    entry level employee, it qualifies
  4. The employer must guarantee employment at the end of the training
  5. The employees must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents

RCA Proposal

  1. The RCA will meet with employers to determine what training is required
  2. The RCA will research the training if employers need assistance
  3. The RCA will apply on behalf of the employer to the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant
  4. The RCA will register the candidates on behalf of the employer
  5. The RCA will monitor the training and the candidates
  6. Do all of the required billing and reimbursement


Canada – Saskatchewan Job Grant

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