The Board and Staff

2016 RCA Board Appointments and Committee Assignments

Committee Makeup Representative
– One year term
  • President
  • 1st Vice President
  • 2nd Vice President
  • Past President

– President Chairs the Executive Committee

  • Miles Dyck (Chair)
  • Nick Walbaum
  • Colin Olfert
  • Jan McLellan Folk
– One year term
Chair to be appointed by the President.

  • Finance Chair to populate pending Executive approval
  • Justin Henderson (Chair)
  • David Britton
  • Dana Callfas
  • Jan McLellan Folk
– One year term
President to appoint:

  • Two Past Presidents
  • Two Board members
  • Two Executive members

Chair to be determined by the committee.

  • Mike Lamontagne
  • Jan McLellan Folk
  • Sean McGregor
  • Stephen Perras
  • Nick Walbaum
  • Colin Olfert
– One year term
Executive Committee

  • 1st Vice President Chairs this committee
  • Nick Walbaum (Chair)
  • Colin Olfert
  • Miles Dyck
  • Jan McLellan Folk
Honorary Life Member
– One year term
Chair is to be the 1st Vice President. The chair will invite committee members as follows:

  • Up to 3 Past Honorary Life Members
  • Up to 3 Board members
  • Nick Walbaum (Chair)
  • Colin Olfert (Co-chair)
  • TBD by Chair and Co-chair
Regina Future Construction Leaders
– One year term
All Directors 40 and under to participate
  • Nick Friesen
  • Justin Henderson
  • Sarah Cowan
  • Colin Olfert
  • Nick Walbaum
  • Michael Promhouse
  • Stephen Perras
Suppliers NEW – Steering Committee being formed

Terms of reference to be developed

  • Sarah Cowan (Chair)
  • Rob Wenger
  • Kyle Kendel
  • Dave Homgren
  • Dennis Reid
  • Brent Cherwinski
  • Chuck Fiss
Ad hoc – Sponsorship Program Review NEW – To be populated
  • Miles Dyck
  • Curtis Kincaid
  • Al Cullen
Appointment Makeup Representative
Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association, Regional Safety Committee
– no term limit specified
One voting representative appointed by the President to this SCSA committee.
  • Mike Promhouse
Saskatchewan Bid Depository Inc. – Provincial Board
– One year term
Two representatives appointed to the Board carrying one vote. In addition the RCA can also appoints up to two alternates. The representatives are appointed by the President.
  • Provincial Board: Curtis Kincaid and Colin Olfert
  • Alternate Reps: Justin Henderson and Nick Friesen
  • Local Management Committee made up of members as situation requires
Construction Association Network Saskatchewan Inc.
– Terms have not yet been established. (Bylaws are in a final revision phase)
One voting representative and one alternate representative. The representatives are appointed by the President
  • Nick Walbaum
  • Alternate: Miles Dyck
Saskatchewan Construction Association – RCA Advisory Council Representative
– Two year term
One voting representative – every second year appointed by the Board
  • Trent Schneider (first year of two-year term)
Saskatchewan Construction Association
– Two year term
Two voting representatives are appointed from: President; or 1st Vice President; or Past President
  • Jan McLellan Folk (in second year of the two-year term)
  • Miles Dyck (in first year of the two-year term)
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