The Board and Staff

Board of Directors Mission:

The Board of Directors shall be the governing body of the Corporation.

Board of Directors Makeup:

Officers and Directors
The officers of the Corporation shall consist of the President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, and immediate Past President, and the Executive Director.  All other Officers except the Past President and the Executive Director shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.
The Board of Directors shall consist of the Officers of the Corporation together with such other persons as may be elected at an Annual General Meeting provided that the minimum number of Directors shall be ten (10) and the maximum twenty (20).



9 - Nick Friesen - WebRes


Nick Friesen

Westridge Construction Ltd.
435 Henderson Drive
Regina, SK S4N 5W8

306-790-1712 306-530-2873 306-352-0199
11 - Sean McGregor WebRes

1st Vice President

Sean McGregor

Flynn Group of Companies
202 Solomon Drive
Regina, SK S4N 5A8

306-789-1411 306-536-1887 306-789-5022
Brent Cherwinski

2nd Vice President

Brent Cherwinski

Wallace Construction Specialties Ltd.
825 MacKay Street
Regina, SK S4N 2S3

306-569-2334 306-540-7040 306-757-2512
Nicholas Walbaum

Past President

Nicholas Walbaum

All-Rite Mechanical Ltd.
5G South Plains Road W
Emerald Park, SK S4L 1C6

306-522-0050 306-526-6938 306-522-2929

Executive Director (non-voting)

Brenda Braaten

Regina Construction Association Inc.
1935 Elphinstone Street
Regina, SK S4T 3N3

306-791-7422 306-565-2840

Director (Two-year term)

Michael Promhouse

Clearlite Glass Ltd.
1140 Weaver Street
Regina, SK S4N 5X7

306-359-0039 306-537-7795 306-359-0845
7 - Brad Kornum - WebRes

Director (Two-year term)

Brad Kornum

Graham Construction and Engineering LP
1903 East Turvey Road
Regina, SK S4N 3A4

306-721-1777 306-216-1490
5 - Kevin Dureau - WebRes

Director (Two-year term)

Kevin Dureau

A-1 Rent-Alls Ltd.
1270 Halifax St
Regina, SK S4R 1T8

306-352-1440 306-530-9644 306-352-8299
4 - Jeremy Hubick - WebRes

Director (Two-year term)

Jeremy Hubick

Raven Roofing (Sask) Ltd.
380 Maxwell Crescent
Regina, SK S4N 5Y5

306-352-4322 306-352-4323
6 - Eric Kristjansson - WebRes

Director (Two-year term)

Eric Kristjansson

PCL Construction Management Inc.
1433 1st Avenue
Regina, SK S4R 8H2

8 - Chad Fenrick - WebRes

Director (Two-year term)

Chad Fenrick

Ardel Steel Inc.
455 Longman Cres
Regina, SK S4N 6G3

306-791-7723 306-721-2510


Ian Carlson

Brxton Masonry Inc.
1125 McDonald St
Regina, SK S4N 4X4

306-721-0277 306-721-0047
Curtis Kincaid

Director (One-year term)

Curtis Kincaid

Kincaid Interiors Ltd.
356 Park Street
Regina, SK S4N 4Y6

306-721-4100 306-537-9299 306-721-4101
10 - Scott Masson - WebRes

Non-Voting Director

Scott Masson

MLT Aikins
Suite 1500, 1874 Scarth St
Regina, SK S4P 4E9

306-647-8474 306-352-5250
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